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November 14, 2018

Welcome To The World Of Shaped Golf Shots

You may know that I have designed, developed and perfected more than 100 techniques to lock-in a straight-as-an-arrow ball flight, particularly if you have read some of my books such as HOW GOLF WORKS, HOW TO HIT A GOLF BALL AS STRAIGHT-AS-AN-ARROW and HOW TO LOCK IN A PERFECT GOLF SWING. You may have learned about my more than 100 techniques to hit a golf ball as straight-as-an-arrow from logging on to my www.lockedingolf.com website where I introduce more than 70 techniques to lock-in a straight golf shot.

However, since such time I have designed,developed and perfected numerous techniques to lock-in and produce shaped golf shots such as a locked-in fade,draw,slice and hook.

I introduce two of these locked-in shaped golf shots on this website. They include:

I invite you to click on to any of these techniques and discover more about the world of locked-in shaped golf shots because these techniques just as all my other techniques are dedicated to:: Transform Golf From A Game Of Guess To A Game Of Success Gordon Jackson

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