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November 28, 2020

Tips On Golf Swing: What A Worn-Out Glove Heel Might Indicate

best tips for golf swingOne of the best tips on golf swing is to understand what a worn-out  heel area of a glove might reveal to you.

Just as in other tips on golf swing, a worn-out heel glove may reveal several things to you.

Most golfers typically will wear the heel of their glove more than in other areas. This is the very reason why some gloves are reinforced in the heel area.

However, when the heel area of a glove is worn excessively, it usually indicates some setup or swing deficiency.

First, it may indicate that you are losing , or loosening, your grip during your swing, typically at the top of your swing.

There may be several causes for failing to maintain your grip during your swing.

It could be that you are not gripping your club correctly.

Considering this could be the cause, you should have a professional instructor check your grip. Unfortunately, some golfers with an incorrect grip have never gone to the trouble of having a professional check their grip.

They simply have relied on some advice from a friend or are gripping their club as instructed in a book or magazine.

Do not expect to hit your golf ball straight with an improper grip.

The second swing defect that may be indicated as a result of a worn heel area of a glove is a lack of a sufficient shoulder turn. This too can cause one to loosen his or her grip during the swing.

If you swing past the point that your shoulders stop turning during your back swing, you will become disconnected. Not only may it cause some wear on the heel of your glove,  it typically will result in a mishit golf shot.

I find a third reason why some gloves tend to wear more in the heel area is because of an improper setup to the ball.

Several setup defects may be indicated by a worn heel glove.

The golfer stands too near or, too far from, the ball. They widen or narrow their stance too much. They do not stand erect enough to their ball. They do not position the ball correctly in their stance, etc.

Also, if you do not stay within your golf swing, it could cause the heel area of your glove to wear more excessively than in other areas.

If this is the reason, you should concentrate on keeping your forward heel firmly planted and maintain eye contact with your ball from the beginning of your swing through impact. These two disciplines alone should prevent you from swaying off your axis during your swing.

Keep these tips on golf swing in mind when practicing or playing and see if your glove is not as worn as much in the heel area as in the past.

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