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October 20, 2020

Best Golf Instructions: Know Where Your Ball Lands

tips for best golf lessonsOne of the best golf instructions is to know where your ball ends up when you are unable to see it land because of sunny or other obstructive conditions.

This best golf instruction is significant because if you have a golf method to indicate where your ball lands in such conditions it can save you and other members of your group a lot of wasted time looking for a lost ball.

If you have too much sun in your eyes or for some other reason are unable to see the flight of your ball,  there are some golf swing tips to determine in which direction your ball flew and approximately where it landed.

You should know instantly whether you hit a fade, draw or hit the golf ball straight.

Simply follow these steps:

1. Maintain your follow-through and posture.

2. Close your left eye if right-handed or your right eye if left-handed, focus on  your open eye and then turn your head in the direction of your target while immobilizing  the rest of your body.

3. The direction to which your open eye points (sees) will be the direction your ball flew. You should know at this point whether you hit a straight, fade or golf  draw shot.

4. Also, by knowing the approximate distance of the club in use you should be able to determine the yardage your ball flew. By knowing both the direction and distance factors you easily should be able to locate your ball and save a lot of unnecessary time attempting to find it.

Anytime you can reduce the amount of time looking fora ball in a round of golf you will enjoy the game that much more.

This is the reason that by using the technique above, it remains one of the best golf instructions.

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