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November 28, 2020

Tips On Golf Swing: Never Shank Or Push-Slice Another Golf Shot

very best golf swing lesson instructionsOne of the best tips on golf swing is to avoid shanks and push-slices.

The reason why these are some of the best tips on golf  swing is that both  flight the golf ball extremely to the outside of the shoulder line,.

You must avoid them at all cost to play better golf and lower your handicap.

Most so-called shanked golf shots are not true shanks. Most are push-slice shots.

They look very much alike in terms of ball flight in that both fly extremely to the out-side of the body line. Neither will allow you to improve your golf swing.

However, it is very difficult to hit a truly shanked golf shot because it requires the hosel of the clubface to contact the ball instead of the face of the club. Unless you are standing extremely near  the ball at final address a true shank is difficult to hit.

On the other hand, a push-slice golf shot is very easy to hit because the face instead of the  hosel of the club is what contacts the ball at impact. The similar appearance of ball flight is what causes so many golfers to assume they shanked their ball instead of push-sliced it.

Most golfers who habitually push-slice their golf shots move around quite a bit before finally addressing the ball or widen their stance appreciably during their setup routine.

Try these golf swing instructionsand see for yourself how easy it is to hit a push-slice golf shot.

First,  select a very safe area to hit a golf ball. Assume a comfortable posture and stance to your ball before gripping your club handle. Next, center the sweet spot of your clubface as near to the back of your ball as possible without moving your ball during the process.

Then assume either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball type of grip on your club handle. DO NOT UNLOCK YOUR BACK-HAND LIFELINE FROM YOUR FRONT-HAND THUMB AFTER COMPLETING YOUR GRIP.

Lastly, widen your stance as much as comfortably possible while keeping your clubface as near to the back of your ball as possible. Then keep your head steady, your left heel planted and simply swing your club naturally without trying to manipulate it in any way.

If you follow this golf method precisely you should observe your ball flying extremelyto the outside of your body line in the same flight pattern as a shank. The only difference is that you did not shank your ball but rather push-sliced it.

To ensure you neither shank nor push-slice your golf shot, learn how to lock-in the ball flight alignment .

Once locked-in, align your shoulders (shoulder line) parallel with your target line and then without moving your feet in any way, keep your head steady (a must), your left heel planted and execute a simple golf swing.

If you follow these instructions precisely and without fail you will nevershank or push-slice another golf shot. You should then agree that these indeed are some of the best tips on golf swing of late.

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