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November 28, 2020

Golf Swing Tips: Dial In A Perfect Fade

 golf swing tipsOne of the best golf swing tips is to learn how to hit a perfect fade. The best golf swing tips to hit a  fade is to know how to dial in a perfect fade golf shot.

You can dial in a perfect golf fade shot if you understand how golf really works. What is meant by a perfect golf fade shot is the precise degree of fade needed for a particular golf shot.

If you are familiar with some of my books, articles and DVDs you already should know how golf really works. If not, here is the answer.

The way golf really works is the instant you assume either a Vardon overlapping, traditional interlocking or regular baseball (ten fingers) style of grip your wrists will rotate your clubface to a open alignment.

In addition, your elbow line (the crease running across the inside of your elbows) will rotate to the inside of your shoulders to create an out-to-in swing path of your clubface.

It is elementary in golf swing instructions  that when your clubface rotates to an open alignment and to an out-to-in swing path, you have a slice ball flight alignment. This means if you struck your ball with such a clubface configuration and, with enough club head speed, you would slice your golf shot.

Considering this reality, all that is needed to hit a slice golf shot is to  assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, align your shoulders parallel with your directional line (the line on which you want your ball initially to fly), center the sweet spot of your clubface as near as posible to the back of your ball, keep your head steady and execute a regular golf swing without trying to manipulate the club in any way.

However, your goal here is not to hit a slice but to dial in a perfect golf fade shot.

In order to dial in a perfect fade you only need to adjust your stance slightly in what is described above.

Specifically, once again assume a comfortable stance and posture to your ball, align your shoulders parallel with your directional line, center the sweet spot of your clubface as near as possible to the back of your ball and then pivot your left foot (off the balls of your left foot) very, very slightly to your left.

Then keep your feet planted, hold your head steady and execute a regular golf swing without manipulating your club in any way during either during your backswing or your downswing.

Your ball should then fade instead of slice.

To decrease the degree of fade, merely continue to increase your left foot pivot very, very slightly and, incrementally, until you are able to dial in the precise fade you will need for any golf shot you may encounter in actual play.

However, you should understand you may only continue to pivot your left foot in this manner for so many increments because,  at a certain point of pivoting your left foot in this manner,  the alignment and swing path of your clubface will rotate to a different ball flight alignment, such as to a hook.

Unfortunately, this golf method of producing a perfect fade is only as reliable as you following each of the steps exactly and executing a non-manipulative golf swing — because this way of producing a fade is not locked-in.

In order or lock-in a perfect fade you are required to move some body part in some specific manner either during the time your left hand and right hand is gripped on the club or, immediately after both hands are gripped on the club, and then unlock the lifeline your right hand from your left thumb without completely un-gripping your club and then relock the lifeline of the right hand squarely and securely on the left thumb a precise number of times.

I have designed more than 20 techniques to lock-in a perfect fade. Some are featured on DVDS and others in the book, How To Hit A Perfect Fade, all available at http://shapinggolfshots.com and at http://lockedingolf.com.

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