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September 24, 2020

Tips For Golf Swing: Keep Your Left Arm Relatively Straight But Not Rigid

best golf swing instructionsOn of the most meaningful tips for golf swing is to keep your left arm relatively straight during your golf swing.

However, this tip for golf swing is not to suggest you should keep your left arm rigid in such instance.

There has been some controversy about whether keeping the left arm straight during the golf swing is an advantage or a disadvantage.

Since most golfers want to hit the best golf shots possible, the pros and cons of keeping the left arm straight during the golf swing is worth some analysis.

A recent article suggests the best golf swing instructions on the subject would be to maintain a straight left arm during the golf swing but not a rigid one.

Here is a part of the article:

“One of golf’s most popular tips is to keep your left (front) arm straight.

While there are some advantages to keeping your left arm straight, it often leads to the lead arm being too rigid and dominating the swing.”

Read more…http://www.sanmarcosrecord.com/sports/x1561301732/One-tip-to-a-better-easier-swing.

In my view, the article is spot on.

When I first began to play golf, instructors insisted on keeping the left arm absolutely straight during the golf swing.

Many contended that in order to hit a straight golf ball, you needed to keep a straight left arm during both the back swing and downswing.

Sometimes, when golf students process such golf swing tips, they have a tendency to carry the instructions to the exteme and so did I in this case.

Instead of keeping a relatively straight left arm during my golf swing in those earlier years of learning the game, I not only kept my left arm straight, I actually was locking the elbow joint.

As a result of overly concentrating on my left arm and attempting to keep it as straight as possible, my tempo, rhythm and balance went south.

It actually robbed me of distance and accuracy.

Nowadays, I do not concentrate on my left arm at all during my golf swing.

I know if I lock-in a square alignment and an online swing path of my club face during my set up proceedings, assume a comfortable stance and posture to my ball, align mmy shoulders parallel with my target line, keep my left heel planted and swing until my left shoulder is firmly touching or, is under, my chin during my back swing, I will hit my golf ball straight and far.

I now know this will happen whether my left arm is completely straight or relatively straight.

Therefore, the best tips for golf swing is to ensure your set up is correct, keep your left heel planted and swing your club until your left shoulder firmly touches or, is under, your chin. If so,  you will have no need to worry about a left straight arm.

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