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November 28, 2020

Beginners Golf Lessons:The Knuckles Theory Is Bogus

how do you drive the golf ball straightOne of the beginners golf lessons is to understand that the ability to observe so many knuckles on your front hand from your line of vision as indicative of a square alignment of the club face, is malarkey.

The more specific beginners golf lesson is to appreciate that, when one instructor insists you should be able to see so many knuckles on your left hand at the completion of your grip while another instructor suggests more or less of such knuckles, at least one of them is wrong.

However, as a matter of fact, both golf swing instructions are fallacious because the numbers of knuckles that are visible on your front hand at the completion of your grip is not a valid gauge as to whether you have established a square club face to enable you to hit straight golf shots.

Many golf instructors, including several of the so-called top 100, insist  you should  only  be able to observe  a specific number of knuckles or, fractions thereof, on your lead hand after gripping your club in order to have a  perfect golf  grip.

Contrary to such golf swing tips, it doesn’t matter how many knuckles you are able to observe on your lead hand at the completion of your grip.

Irrespective of the number, you will not achieve a perfect golf grip in order to hit your golf ball straight.

Here is why:

If you assume either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball (ten-finger) style of grip, the very moment your grip is completed your wrists will rotate your clubface to an effective open alignment irrespective of how it may appear to be aligned.

In addition, the instant you form a conventional style of grip on your club, your elbows (elbow line) will rotate to the inside of your shoulder line and create an out-to-in swing path of your clubface.

Anyone who has studied the mechanic s of golf understands that an open clubface on an out-to-in swing path at impact with the ball will produce a slice golf shot if there is sufficient club head speed.

As  a result of this anatomical phenomenon of establishing a slice ball flight alignment  the instant either an overlapping, interlocking or baseball (ten-fingers) type of golf grip is formed on a club it makes no difference whether you observe one, two, three or four knuckles on your lead hand at the completion of your grip.

You nevertheless will have created a slice alignment.

The fact some instructors teach you  that you should observe  only one knuckle on your lead hand at the completion of your grip while others instruct you should observe two, and  even others insist three or four knuckles, goes to prove the knuckles theory is totally bogus.

If the number of knuckles that are visible on the lead hand had any relevance in creating a perfect golf grip, all instructors would be teaching  the same number of knuckles should  be visible instead of different number of knuckles.

The only true beginners golf lessons to achieve a perfect  grip is to lock-in a square clubface alignment and an on line swing path of your clubface once a club is gripped and at that point and, only at that point, will you have a perfect grip.

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