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September 24, 2020

Tips On Golf Swing: Don’t Cheat When Determining True Maximum Distance Of Your Clubs

tips on golf swingOne of the best tips on golf swing when attempting to determine the average distance of each club in your set you is to measure to spot where your ball lands instead of to where it rolls.

More specifically, the best tips on golf swing is to measure the distance your ball lands with each club while practicing at sea level on flat terrain and, with no wind.

These golf swing instructions should provide you with the most accurate feedback and data in determining the truly average yardage of each club in your set.

In turn, you should be able to improve your golf game and lower your golf scores.

Many golfers seemingly get caught up in “macho golf” so they can have some bragging rights about how far they can hit their clubs.

As a result, they have a tendency to calculate the maximum distance of each club in terms of how far the ball rolls instead of to the spot the ball lands.

This is neither a recipe to hit straight golf shotsor to hit them to an accurate distance when in actual play.

The better golf method is take shorter clubs on holes you know your ball is going to roll farther than normal such as on downhill fairways or to downhill greens or, when playing in very dry conditions.

Considering we rarely hit our golf shots too far, if we use the “roll of the ball” to measure the truly average distance of each club we obviously are going to come up short when there is no roll of the ball, such as in wet conditions.

When you learn to play your golf shots to the landing distance rather than to the rolling distance with each club your game should improve noticeably and your handicap should plummet.

You also should consider the above information as one of he best tips on golf swing, ever.

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