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September 24, 2020

Perfect Golf Swing: A Perfect Golf Swing Is Possible

perfect golf swingThe typical golf instructor will tell you there is no such thing as a perfect golf swing.

As a result, most teach what is referred to as muscle memory in an attempt to try to square the clubface to the ball at impact, realizing from their own perspective and experience that it will never be perfectly squared or produce a perfect golf swing.

A  recent golf magazine article insisted there is no perfect golf swing; meaning to insist there is no way to hit a golf ball perfectly straight.

How wrong they are.

The reason why many golf swing instructions exclaim it is impossible to square the clubface to the ball precisely at impact and produce a pure golf shot is that they do not know how to lock-in an ideal golf swing during the pre-swing proceedings to assure the clubface will return perfectly square to the ball at impact to produce straight golf shots.

As you may already know, after more than ten years of research and thousands of experiments, I have designed, developed and perfected more than 100 techniques to lock-in a square clubface alignment and an online swing path of the clubface during the pre-swing procedure to establish a perfectlystraight ball flight alignment.

However, establishing and locking-in a straight ball flight alignment during the setup routine  does not by itself ensure a perfect golf  swing.

It merely starts the process.

You must then center the sweet spot of your clubface as near to the back of your ball as possible without moving your ball,  assume a comfortable posture and stance to the ball and align your shoulders parallel with your target line to complete the set up phase of the golf swing.

Then keep your head steady and execute a perfect golf swing.

In turn, your clubface will contact your ball squarely at impact on a path that matches your target line . Your ball will fly directly to your target.

Learn more about the locked-in techniques at http://lockedingolf.com.

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