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July 7, 2020

Golf Swing Tips:The Muscle Memory Approach To Golf Is Flawed

how to hit a golf ball straightOne of the most important golf swing tips is not to rely on the muscle memory approach to improve your golf swing.

The reason why the muscle memory approach is one of the worst golf swing tips imaginable is that it is based on a flawed premise.

The muscle memory golf  method erroneously assumes a golfer will have rotated his or her club face alignment as well as the swing path of the club face to establish an identical ball flight alignmnet with each golf shot.

However, rarely does a high handicap golfer rotate his or her club face to the same alignment in each set up proceeding.

Likewise, rarely do even  lower handicap players rotate their club face to the same alignment and swing path in each set up proceeding if they habitually unlock their lifeline/thumb connection while addressing the ball.

Yet, I continue to hear and read about the significance of the body memorizing how the swing should be executed, just like  in a portion of a recent article:

“To get that perfect golf swing motion memorized through your body there are plenty of things you must carry out before you take each shot. Each specialist has his or her own method of doing this, but there’s also an approach which can definitely be used by new players also, and we’re gonna be providing information about how to achieve this. Read more…http://www.writers4net.com/finance/fundraising/one-can-by-no-means-practice-a-lot-to-get-the-perfect-golf-swing-technique/.”

What memory muscle instructors don’t understand about golf is that once the grip is completed, any body movement thereafter will rotate the alignment  and swing path of the club face to a different and unknown ball flight alignment.

Considering there are several movements of the body from the time the grip is completed until the final address to the ball and, assume the ball flight alignment is different from the previous set up proceeding, if the body remembered to swing yhe club in the same exact manner as before, the ball would fly in a different direction and pattern.

Thus, the muscle memory golf method is flawed and unreliable, the very reason that those who depend on it rarely improve their golf game, irrespective of the numbers of instructors who may try to teach them.

The only true way to hit consistent golf shots is to rotate the club face to a desired alignment and swing path of the club face during the set up proceedings and then, lock-in the desired ball flight  alignment.

If then the remaining steps of the set up proceedings are met, all remaining would be to keep the left heel planted, maintain a head steady and execute a simple golf swing. In turn, the ball will fly precisely as intended without any reliance on so-called muscle memory.

You can find out more information about how to lock-in a desired ball flight alignment by visiting http://lockedingolf.com.

Then when you learn how to lock-in the ball flight of your choice you should realize that the above informationmay be some of the best golf swing tips available anywhere.

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